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Clients are respectfully requested to read these rules carefully as they will be strictly adhered to. These rules hold good until further notice which may be published, amended and / or displayed in our premises or made available on our website.


Commissions are executed under the following rules and will be considered a contract between a client and ourselves, subject however to any special concessions confirmed by the company in writing. Certain rules relating to forecast Doubles, Tricasts, Football, wagers and any other type of bet or style of betting as and when offered or available will be posted in this branch, should be read in conjunction with separate notices under these headings displayed either on the premises, and / or printed on the reverse of the betting slip.

RESULTS AND PRICES. Results and prices as published in the "Sporting Life" shall rule settlements. Any dispute, which cannot be resolved equitably or amicably through dialogue with the company, shall be submitted to the Sporting Life for their opinion. Should a dispute arise which cannot be settled in the above manner, the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 1950 shall apply. Responsibility cannot be accepted for any inaccuracies in information exhibited or broadcast in the betting office or on our website for the benefit of the public. All prices (odds) advertised in our branches, or on our website, whether by means of view-data display, the Betty system, Dial-up Betty software, Internet website, or otherwise, are an invitation to treat, and shall be regarded as a guide only, and taken to indicate the price generally available to a £20 stake. The acceptance of a bet by Dial-up Betty software, over the Internet, on the Betty system, by calling over, or on a traditional betting slip, at a particular price is subject to the management's discretion, and in the event of an obvious or palpable error howsoever occasioned or displayed, the bet will be settled at the correct(ed) price or starting price whichever is greater. (See Rule: BOARD PRICES & EARLY PRICES).

CASH BETTING. Personal cheques are accepted at the management's discretion, up to £50 only with bankers cheque guaranteed card. Card number to be written on the reverse of cheque by cashier only, and the cheque signed in the cashier's presence. We reserve the right to refuse the whole or any part of any commission. Any bet, or part of a bet, precluded by these rules, that is nevertheless inadvertently accepted by any servant or agent of the company will be void, win or lose. Any bet accepted without simultaneous full cash payment will be void. Any bet not accounted for and / or timed by the Betty terminal and / or not recorded on the shop's Betty System equipment before the time of the event, will be void. A drawn line ends a bet. In the event of a client having a Double, Treble or Accumulator bet to win, and any of the horses does not run, a Double will revert into a Single, a Treble into a Double, etc. Selections backed each-way Any-to-come all on each-way, will be treated as Win and Place Doubles, Trebles, etc., unless clear instructions are given in writing to indicate each-way, all each way is required. Misspelt and badly written commissions may be made void. Commissions must be written on one side of the paper only. In Multiple Selections, should a client make an error in calculating the number of bets, his stake will be reduced in proportion to agree with the total stakes, e.g. if a client stakes for six 20 pence Cross Doubles on five horses instead of the correct number which is ten, the bet will be settled as ten 12 pence Cross Doubles to agree with the total stakes of £1.20 pence. Should a client overstake his commission, that part which is in excess of the amount that is required shall be returned. Clients are advised that it is an offence under Section 3 (i) of the Theft Act 1968 to knowingly collect and take away more moneys other than that to which they are entitled. It is the client's responsibility to check and ensure that the details of their bet are correctly accepted, howsoever the bet is placed, at the time of placing the bet, since mistakes cannot be rectified subsequently.

STAKES. All wagers are subject to a "Tax-Paid" surcharge or deduction to cover Betting Tax, Levy, Football League, B.A.G.S and Tote Fees, etc. Details of surcharges (deductions) are displayed in all our premises and circulated to credit clients and authorised agents. Minimum & maximum stake units, as required by the company, will be detailed on a notice posted in this branch, and may be subject to alteration without notice.

IMMEDIATE PAYOUT. Amounts up to £250 will be paid immediately the bet has been settled, subject to the manager's discretion. Payment stands where the official results differ from the original placings. Clients must produce their official receipt for all claims. Mutilated or defaced tickets will not be accepted. Claims on lost tickets will be dealt with on the following day, when the client shall make out an exact copy in the presence of our staff. Claims on lost tickets for winnings over £20 will be dealt with by post after a delay of 30 days. The management reserves the right to pay by cheque, all or part of any winnings exceeding £250. Commissions requesting "tax paid" may be declined at the management's discretion, or may be accepted only on a basis of a "deduction from returns".

BOARD PRICES. Bets are accepted at prices currently quoted as on offer at the race course on any race with 3 or more runners. "Bar" prices will not be laid. "First show" is not accepted. Should there be an error which is subsequently corrected, the betting information provided will stand at the corrected price ruling at that time or starting price, which ever be the greater odds. The odds must be printed on the slip by the Betty System. Any bet presented for acceptance at the time of a show of betting will be governed by the price reigning at the conclusion of the "show". The odds must be entered on the slip only by the Betty System.

EARLY PRICES. Fixed prices are offered daily on a number of selected races prior to board prices becoming available. On some of these specified 'Early Price races' a price guarantee will be advertised, in which case where the returned SP is greater than the Early Price taken, a bet will be settled to the SP.

DAY OF THE RACE BETTING. Horserace wagers accepted at fixed prices after 10.00 a.m. on the day preceding the event agreed by the client and the company, including bets at "early prices" layed before a show of betting, on the day of a race are not classified as ante-post, and are subject to Tattersalls Rule 4.


PLACE BETTING. One-fifth the odds, 1-2-3 eight or more runners; one-quarter the odds 1-2, six or seven runners; one fifth the odds 1-2 five runners; if there are four or less runners, all on to win. When special place betting is quoted payment is made by such quotations. Excess of place money over win money and place only bets (except Tote Placepot and the Betpot 100) are only accepted in those branches which specifically advertise such betting and where accepted in error will be void, win or lose. Any consolations or bonuses offered by the company shall not apply to the place part of any such bets.

In all HANDICAP RACES of twelve to fifteen runners, one-quarter the odds will be paid on the first, second and third horse. In all handicap races of sixteen or more runners one quarter the odds will be paid on the first, second, third and fourth horse. These concessions will also apply to Ante-Post wagers. Only when specifically notified in respect of particular races will the above concessions vary.

HORSERACE FORECAST BETTING. Horserace Forecast wagers accepted on races of three or more actual runners will be settled in accordance with the declared Computer Straight Forecast Return. If less than three actually run in a race, all forecast wagers will be settled in accordance with the NSL chart, the rules featured on the chart will apply. Forecasts at NSL Chart returns are not accepted and, if taken in error, will be settled in accordance with the Straight Forecast Return. Forecast Doubles - see general rules. Forecast Trebles - see general rules. In the event of a non-runner in forecasts the bet will be void.

Horserace TRICASTS are accepted in singles only on handicap races of eight or more actual runners. In the event of Tricast doubles or trebles being accepted in error the total stakes will be equally divided and invested as Tricast singles. Tricast selections must be named. A Tricast including an unnamed favourite will be void. Tricasts will be settled in accordance with the official computer Tricast return and no further tax deduction will be made. In the event of a non-runner being selected in a Tricast the bet will be void. If a Tricast is selected for a race in which an official computer Tricast return is not declared, settlement will be made as follows:- (a) Where all three selections run, settlement will be made as a computer straight forecast on the selections nominated to finish 1st and 2nd, with the selection for 3rd place being discounted. (b) Where the selections include non-runner(s), settlement will be made in accordance with the aforementioned non-runner rule. The maximum settlement of Tricast bets will be two thousand five hundred to one to the unit stake notwithstanding a maximum payment to any one client on any one day of two thousand five hundred pounds.

UNAMED FAVOURITES. First Favourites are accepted Win only. The place part of any wager will be declared void. A commission such as £1.00 favourite for the "last race" will be considered void, should the last race in the programme prove to be a walkover or abandoned, as the previous race would not be considered as the last. No Favourite no bet. Abandoned races and S.P. wagers for the purpose of Starting Price wagers in Singles, Doubles, Trebles and Accumulators all horses engaged in the abandoned races or where no S.P. is returned, are treated as non-runners. Example: Fifteen Cross-Doubles, three races run would revert to three Doubles, nine singles and three void Doubles. All wagers on favourites should include the word "Favourite" or FAV in the client's written instructions e.g. 1.30 Ascot FAV. Incomplete instructions, e.g. 1.30 Ascot will be deemed to mean the favourite. Where a wager on a timed favourite is capable of several interpretations, e.g. 2.30 FAV £1 to win and there are two horse race meetings and one greyhound meeting at that advertised time being broadcast by S.I.S. commentary, the stake will be equally divided to cover all possible selections. The favourite is the horse returned at the shortest rate of odds, the Second Favourite is the horse returned at the next shortest rate of odds, and so on. If, in any race, two horses are retuned at the same rate and this rate is shorter than that of any other horse in the race, then these two horses are joint First and Second favourites and the next shortest price is the Third Favourite. If a client backs the First or Second favourite and two or more horses are returned at a similar price, the stake will be divided equally. Favourite Doubles, etc. Should two or more horses be returned co-favourites, the stake money will be divided equally and the full odds paid to the winning part of the stake. Unless a distinctive meeting is stated, when there is more than one meeting. "Down the Card" favourites will be executed at the principal meeting according to the "Sporting Life" of the day. Favourites not correctly timed are void.

ANTE-POST bets being bets made before 10.00a.m. on the day preceding the event are accepted on the basis of an all-in run or not, all-in enter or not, and therefore should a selection be a non-runner, or be scratched the bet will be a losing one. A selection placed ante-post will be void only if the race is abandoned or the horse is balloted out under Jockey Club rule 121. When such a selection is included in a multiple bet the remaining selections will stand and be settled at ante-post prices. Accumulative Ante-post wagers are settled on the same basis as starting price wagers thus two horses at 20 to 1 and 16 to 1 would be reckoned as 356 to 1 the double. The minimum stake for ante-post, win or place, for singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators is £1.00. The minimum total per slip is Two Pounds. We reserve the right to rectify any error in a voucher or account through miscalculation or clerical error, and vouchers are issued on these conditions. Any-to-come or up-and-down bets are not accepted in respect of ante-post wagers. Place Doubles, Trebles, etc., are reckoned at cumulative odds at one-fifth or one-quarter the odds according to the rules governing the place odds of the race involved.

ANY-TO-COME, STAKES-ON or UP-AND-DOWN BETS. Any-to-come, Stakes-On or up-and-down, one on to the same horse again, or one horse onto another horse which runs in the same race is not allowed. All up-and-down bets settled as follows. The first horse stakes the second and vice versa thus in the event of both winning, double the odds are secured. In the event of their being insufficient money accruing from an any-to-come bet to cover fully the second part of the bet, it will be invested proportionately, covering the win part first and the place part with what remains.

ANY "STOP AT A WINNER" BETS are accepted for single events only. Where the client has included two or more selections running in the same race, the entire bet will be void. Any wager where the success of one selection contributes to the winning chance of another, the total stake will be equally divided between the selections thus effected, which will then be treated as singles. (See also Football rules). Where selection is non-runner the stake shown against the subsequent selection will be invested and not the amount shown against the non-runner.

DOUBLY ENTERED HORSES. Should a horse be entered in more than one race and no time stated, the money will go on the first race in which it runs, except where 'one horse if absent another' is mentioned which will be taken to time the race. If two horses are coupled together in Any-to-Come or up-and-down bets etc., run in the same race, they will become singles but if one of them is entered in more than one race and the other is entered in only one race, the horse doubly engaged is automatically timed for the race in which the entries do not clash. If two horses doubled together in Doubles, etc., run in the same race, they will be made void, except where one horse is doubly engaged.

WITHDRAWLS. In all horse races, excluding ante-post bets, if a horse is withdrawn without coming under starter's orders it is treated as a non-runner. If there is insufficient time to form a new market a deduction is to be made from all winnings (Win & Place) in accordance with Tattersalls Rule 4(c). The current rates of deductions are available in the branch. Deductions will also apply to our early price races on offer which include any withdrawls effected before the racecourse market is formed.

JOCKEY'S MOUNTS. When backing jockey's mounts in Crossed Doubles, etc., even when timed this refers only to the races in which the jockey named has actually ridden, i.e. if a jockey rides in three races the client is on three races only, and no notice will be taken of the races in which he did not ride. If he has one mount only, there can be no Double, and the bet is void. This rule applies to Owners' and Trainers' selected.

OWNERS' or TRAINERS' SELECTED. An owners' or Trainers' selected will be considered the one that starts at the shortest odds. Should two or more start at the same odds, the stake will be equally divided. An Owners' or Trainers' Selected not timed will result in be being placed on first time of running only.

HORSERACE TOTE BETTING. Jackpots, Placepots, Dual Forecasts, Single Win and Win & Place and Place Only bets are accepted subject to a maximum payment of five times the S.P. equivalent. [See also exceptions to general rules and limits below]. Clear instructions "Tote Odds" must be written, otherwise bets will be settled at S.P. See the notice displayed in the branch.

GREYHOUND RACING. Commissions are accepted for all tracks licensed by the National Greyhound Racing Club and whose results are published in the "Sporting Life". Win, Each-way accepted in Singles, Doubles, Trebles, etc. Five dog races: Win only. Six and seven dog races: Win and Place at one-quarter odds, 1,2, S.P. Eight dog races: Win and Place one-fifth the odds, 1,2,3 S.P. Place only betting is only accepted in those shops which specifically advertise such betting. Greyhounds and horses mixed in Doubles, Trebles, Accumulators, etc., are accepted. Named dogs and Trap numbers are accepted. Unless a named dog is specified where a reserve dog is run the trap will be taken as the selection. 1st favourites only are accepted win only in Singles, Doubles, Trebles and Accumulators. Excess stakes inadvertently accepted will be refunded, win or lose. Bets at Tote Odds not accepted on Greyhound racing.

FORECAST BETTING on Greyhounds. Afternoon and Saturday morning Greyhound Forecast bets will be settled in accordance with the B.A.G.S computer forecast returns. All evening Greyhound Racing Forecast Bets will be settled by N.S.L Straight Forecast Chart. Forecast Doubles - see General Rules. Forecast Trebles - see General Rules. Tricasts on greyhound races are accepted on BAGS meetings and are settled in accordance with the computerised BAFE Tricast returns. In the event of a non-runner in Forecasts the bet will be void.

VOID RACES. Stakes for single bets or forecasts on void races which are subsequently rerun will be refunded on request before the rerun. If refund is not requested bet will stand. Bets taken at board prices will be executed at starting price. Refunds will not be made on accumulative bets. Where a client specifies a named dog and an incorrect trap number, the named dog will stand as selection.

UNTIMED WAGERS ON FAVOURITES OR TRAP NUMBERS. Where an afternoon greyhound commentary service is in operation, any trap number or favourite wager accepted, in which the race has not been timed by the client, will be treated as for the "next off" at that meeting. If a greyhound commentary service is in operation for more than one race at that advertised time the stake will be divided on each race at the advertised time.

INCORRECTLY TIMED GREYHOUND WAGERS. Where a named selection is incorrectly timed the wager will stand on the named greyhound. Where an incorrect time for an unnamed favourite or trap number is given, the wagers will be executed for the race immediately following the time given or if this time has passed the next race at that meeting following the time of acceptance of the bet. In accumulative bets when a selection has also been given for the race concerned, the wrongly timed selection will be treated as a non-runner. Where an incorrectly times favourite or trap number is given and there is only one more race to be run the wager will be taken as for that race. No bets will be accepted after the "hare" has started running. Through the card commissions will be settled in race order as advertised. A void race later rerun will be known as the race originally advertised. Should a greyhound meeting be postponed, all bets are void.

GENERAL RULES and limits.

Wagers on horseracing in the U.K. for which a full S.I.S. is given between 10 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. will be subject to a maximum payment of Twenty Five Thousand Pounds, which is the maximum that will be paid to any one client on any one day irrespective of the number of wagers the client may have made, or the number of commissions of single bets, doubles, trebles or accumulators contained in the wager(s). Maximum payments will include the original stake. All wagers will be subject to the application of a maximum settlement, including any bonuses, of Twenty Five Thousand to One to the individual unit stake relating to each combination contained therein, provided also that the eventual total settlement shall not exceed the overall maximum payment as stated above (Exceptions as stated below are subject to the above overall maximum payout). Should a client or agent hold more than one betting account with us the separate accounts will be treated as one. Any two or more bets in the same handwriting, handed in by the same or other persons or suspected of being placed on behalf of a single client or group of clients acting in concert, will be deemed to be that client's own bets unless it is made clear to counter staff prior to acceptance, that one or more of those bets have been made on behalf of another person and the bet or bets marked accordingly.

EXCEPTIONS. The maximum payment that will be made to any one client on any day in respect of Horserace Ante-post wagers is Ten Thousand Pounds. The maximum payment that will be made to any one client on any day in respect of football wagers is Three Thousand Pounds. Wagers on the following are subject to a maximum settlement 5,000 to one to the individual stake relating to each combination contained therein, not withstanding a maximum payment of £2,500 to any one customer on any one day. A) Tote Bets (excluding Placepots and Jackpots); b) All Tricasts; c) Horserace Forecast Doubles and Forecast Trebles; and d) All Greyhound Wagers where BAGS is in operation. Wagers on Tote Placepots and Jackpots are subject to a maximum settlement of 2,500 to 1 to the individual stake relating to each combination contained therein, notwithstanding a maximum payout of £2,500 to any one customer in any one day. Wagers on or including races not covered in full by the S.I.S. service or which take place after 6.30 p.m. are subject to a maximum payout of £5,000. Where not otherwise specified, all events other than British horseracing, are subject to a maximum payout of £10,000. Wagers to a unit stake more than £10 are not accepted for Greyhounds where the event is not covered by BAGS, and are subject to a maximum payout of £500. Bets other than Ante-post bets will be void if the race is abandoned, declared void, or postponed to another day, or if they are on a horse which does not come under starter's orders. Specific rules governing the settlement of speciality bets are detailed either on a notice posted in the branch, or featured on the reverse of the slip. If following investigation into the running of a race or the betting on a particular runner, there is evidence that the outcome of the race or the starting price of the winner would have been materially different had it not been for artificial rigging, interference, non-disclosure of normally required information or deception, the bet will be void. The management reserves the right to suspend payment on any such bet pending investigation.

FOOTBALL. All wagers on Football matches, including those at Ante-post odds, or those including Football matches amongst other sporting events, will be subject to the rules and limits specified herein, as printed on the coupon issued by us, or as posted in the branch.

BOXING. Should either boxer fail to answer the bell, his opponent will be deemed to have won the fight in the previous round.

POOL BETTING. Betting Limited operates remote and non-remote pool betting on sports and virtual games. Football pool betting is operated by Betting Limited under the Mega Fan games brand. Separate rules apply to Mega Fan pool betting games and are displayed in premises where Mega Fan games entries can be made, and on and . Where not specifically catered for in the Mega Fan games rules, these general rules apply.

CREDIT BETTING. Under no circumstances is credit allowed to clients using cash-betting offices in the offices themselves without a prior arrangement having been confirmed by the head office. Clients may bet by telephone to the head office using the Freephone service provided that by prior arrangement a cash deposit has been made at a shop, and bets may then only be placed up to the value of that deposit. Clients may bet using Switch or Delta cards subject to a minimum total stake of £10. Bets placed by Switch or Delta will be authorised at the time of placing the bet. Winnings will be refunded at the time of settlement of the bet. All debits and credits will be made at the end of the days business. Where authorisation for a Switch or Delta bet is not forthcoming, any bet accepted in error will be void.

CREDIT ACCOUNTS. Accounts are opened for the personal use of our clients, or agents only, and cannot be used by anyone but the client or agent concerned without prior agreement. Weekly accounts are made up from Monday to Saturday inclusive, and statements will include all business transacted during that period. Winnings are posted on Mondays with statement of accounts. Settlement of a losing account must be received by us not later than the following Friday morning. Instructions by telephone will only be accepted after arrangements have been made, and confirmed by us in writing. Commissions are accepted by telephone subject to a client's account being in order. Your name, and registered account number must be given before your instructions. It must be clearly understood that we are obliged to abide solely by the message taken down by your operator. It is therefore imperative that you wait until your instructions and total amount invested have been repeated to you and agreed. In any case of dispute, it will be assumed that you have done this. We cannot undertake to notify clients when they are likely to reach their limit, as they should know the extent of their credit. Clients can always re-establish their credit by forwarding a remittance. Clients should not exceed their limit of credit, but commissions made by telephone once accepted will stand. If, however, a client is informed either verbally or by letter, that (a) the client's limit has been reached and further remittance or settlement is required, or (b) the client's account has been closed, any bets subsequently accepted shall be void win or lose. Requests for increases in credit must be made in writing. No query can be entered into after twenty-eight days from the date of despatch of the account. Investments on future events will be charged for at the time the bet is made, and reduce the client's credit available. Should a client have an account outstanding we reserve the right to cancel any undecided ante-post wagers. Postal commissions are not accepted. All bets must be made by telephone or computer on-line system only. General Rules apply.

AUTHORISED AGENTS. Each of our agents is in possession of an authorisation card in accordance with the Betting and Gaming Act, 1960 section 3 (i) which is subject to the following conditions, namely, that "The receipt of a bet by the agent shall not be deemed to be unqualified or unconditional acceptance of the bet by us, and such bet is subject to our rules for the time being in force". Authorised agents shall be regarded as the agent of the client in all matters relating to us. No liability whatsoever will be acknowledged by us for any failure by an agent to carry out his client's instructions. Commissions which are personally accepted by Authorised Agents and which are received in our office after the commencement of racing, will be subject to a maximum payout of Five Hundred Pounds irrespective of the number of commissions the client may have had. Commissions which are telephoned to our head office or received in our offices before the commencement of racing will be subject to our normal rules. Jackpot wagers are accepted through our agents by telephone instructions ONLY, and before the "off" of the first race involved. No liability will be accepted by us for ANY bet that has not been clocked before the event has taken place.

Where reference is made in these rules to the Betty System, this means the customer bet acceptance terminals, the manager systems and the settling systems used to process all bets in the shops and head office. Where reference is made in these rules requiring the customer to check or specify their wishes, the use of the Betty System does not release the customer from those requirements, and no assumption should be made that the Betty System will automatically do that for the customer.

The Company reserves the right without notice to make any amendment to these rules which will be displayed in our branches, notified to all credit clients, and made available upon request to our debit card customers, and posted on our website.

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